The Changing Climate in The Caribbean Online Course

While the study of Climate Change has largely been the domain of natural scientists and geographers, citizens also need to learn more about how climate change affects them in various ways. Our The Changing Climate in the Caribbean module as a part of the “I Survived Dorian” project provides an opportunity to explore the environmental and societal aspects of climate change in the context of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). In this module, you will explore a wide range of critical topics focusing on understanding the linkages between vulnerable groups, human displacement, extreme events, and climate change.

What Topics Will you Cover?

  • Introduction to Climate Change
  • Climate Change & Extreme Disaster Events
  • Climate Justice & Vulnerable Groups
  • Displacement through a Climate Change Lens
  • Climate Change & Me

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an up-to-date understanding of the basic principles and science behind climate change, in particular human influences, societal consequences and the benefits of environmental sustainability
  • Understand the impact of climate change on SIDS such as those in the Caribbean
  • Reflect on the future impacts of climate change on the lives of people and think of provocative ways to adapt to or reduce these negative impacts
  • Understand the linkages between climate change and disaster risk, human displacement, and vulnerable groups
  • Understand issues policy-makers must consider and address for effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in small islands and coastal regions, and understand the nature of the uncertainties involved in future predictions

Course Structure

This course is delivered in the sequence listed and can be completed over a period of study not exceeding 2 days. Course content will be delivered using videos, PowerPoint Presentations, and brief articles and case studies. After each course will follow a short quiz.

Time Needed : Estimated 1 to 2 days

Prerequisites : None

Cost : Free