I Survived Dorian

 Hurricane Dorian changed The Bahamas forever. This project aims to provide a platform for the Survivors of Dorian to share their experiences of Dorian and their views on how disaster preparedness and response can be improved. We hope this project informs the Bahamian and international community on the challenges of a changing climate on an island state. This project is supported by a grant from Open Society Foundations. 

Hurricane Dorian

Voices Of Dorian

Kenneth | November 16, 2021

I don’t think there was… Read More

Taharji | August 6, 2021

“God, I reject drowning, I… Read More

Ayla | August 19, 2021

“It was a heart-wrenching experience… Read More

Sharrah | August 14, 2021

“Hurricanes come, and they hit,… Read More

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